Guess what it is… GIVE-AWAY!

The first give-away from Food on Demant is going to be a ‘guess what this is’ give-away 😀

During the years we have developed a number of kitchen tools to help ease the cooking. Below you can see two pictures of tools which we recently developed. As you’ll have to guess what the tools are for, we can “unfortunately” not reveal anything about the purpose of these two tools, but we look forward to hear what you think it is for 😀

To participate in the give-away, you’ll have to leave a comment with what you think the tools are for. The give-away will run until sunday (May 19th) where there will be a random draw between all comments 🙂



As we have readers/followers from all over the world, the give-away will have to be something that can be send by post. Therefore we have decided that the give-away is going to be 4 plates of Amedei Chocolate. Chocolate from Amedei is not just chocolate – it is definitely the world’s best chocolate 🙂 We could tell about the delicious taste, its creaminess, aroma etc., but the best way to get to know it, is to taste it – so leave a comment and participate in the competition 😀


Feel free to spread the word to your friends and other bloggers, so they will get the change to taste this fabulous chocolate too 🙂 We hope to get a lot of comments and we look forward to spreading the taste of quality chocolate to one of you 🙂

Chris & Ann 🙂



First of all, we want to thank you for your contribution in the contest. You have come with some quite interesting suggestions for the use of the two tools and a few of you have got it right 😀

As you can see o the pictures below, the large round tool is a Chili Cheese Rack while the small long tool is used for getting the stem and seeds out of the chilies!

IMG_6526 IMG_6422


As promised we made a random draw between all comments, and the winner is comment no. 6, so congratulation to Susanne 😀 Would you please send and e-mail to with your address and your chocolate preferences?

Once again, thank you for participating in our give away 🙂


7 thoughts on “Guess what it is… GIVE-AWAY!

  1. Det er vel til og grille fyldte chili’er til rygeovnen, eller jalapeños Mmh chokolade :-)) og den lille ting er til og udhule dem med 🙂

  2. Den store runde er til at lave chili cheese tops i. Og “udhule krogen” er til at udhule jalapenos.. Genial opfindelse 🙂

  3. Den store er en røg-begrænser til en rygeovn og den lille er en krog til at rygning af forskellige ting, så som fisk og andet godt….

  4. Jeg er også sikker på at det er noget til rygeovnen. Den lille er en krog til at tage det ud med. Tror der er lavet et eller andet i toppen af rygeovnen så den store runde kan hænge og så kan man tage den ud med krogen. :o)

  5. Den store er til at lave rygeost i og den lille himstregims er til at spidde sild eller kødstykker på…. eller til at fange manden i kraven når han prøver at stikke af fra opvasken.

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